UAE – Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group, a Nigerian conglomerate, is set to inaugurate a state-of-the-art dairy production facility in Dubai Industrial City expanding its footprint into the global market.

The subsidiary, Nutridor Limited, aims to produce more than 120,000 litres of liquid dairy daily, marking the first such facility commissioned by a Nigerian business subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The factory, established under the UAE’s ‘Foreign Investment Liberalization Scheme,’ will focus on clean energy and zero waste practices, incorporating advanced technology, sustainability initiatives, and local value addition.

Senior Emirati and Nigerian officials are expected to attend the commissioning ceremony.

TGI with operations spanning 13 countries across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, has been a prominent player in various sectors, including food and beverage production, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and banking for over four decades.

According to the company, the inauguration of Nutridor’s dairy production facility marks another milestone in the conglomerate’s global expansion.

“Nutridor Limited’s foray into the UAE dairy market underscores the group’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and international growth,” the company noted.

“The new dairy production facility is a testament to the conglomerate’s ability to leverage its extensive expertise in the food and beverage sector.”

With the remarkable daily production capacity  of liquid dairy, Nutridor aims to address the growing demand for high-quality dairy products in the UAE and the wider Middle East region.

The facility will produce a diverse range of dairy products, including milk, yoghurt, and cheese, utilizing the latest technologies and sustainable practices.

“One of the key highlights of the Nutridor dairy production facility is its strong focus on sustainability. The company is committed to implementing clean energy solutions and minimizing waste through advanced waste management systems.”

This aligns with the UAE’s ambitious sustainability goals and its vision to become a global leader in sustainable practices.

Additionally, Nutridor plans to incorporate cutting-edge automation and digital acceleration into its operations, ensuring efficiency and product consistency.

This commitment to technological advancement will enable the facility to meet the high standards expected in the UAE’s competitive dairy market.

Nutridor’s presence in the UAE is not just about production; it’s also about contributing to the local economy.

By establishing this production facility in Dubai Industrial City, the company will create job opportunities and foster skillset development among the local workforce.

Furthermore, the emphasis on local value addition means that Nutridor will actively engage with local suppliers and partners, strengthening economic ties between Nigeria and the UAE. This approach aligns with the broader economic diversification strategies of both nations.