ANGOLA – In a welcome relief for consumers in Angola, Africana Discount Supermarket has implemented a substantial reduction in the price of the popular powdered milk brand, Nido.

The supermarket slashed the price of a 2,270 kg can of Nido milk by US$4.44, dropping from US$17.15 to US$12.71. This significant price reduction has garnered attention and relief among shoppers.

Africana Discount Supermarket stood out among the 10 operators visited in Luanda during the week of September 11 to 15, as it made the most substantial price cut. The move was in stark contrast to the US$17.15 charged for the same product in the previous week and an even higher US$21.59 in the same period the previous year.

The downward trend in milk prices was not exclusive to the Africana Discount Supermarket. Three other operators, namely Fresmart and Shoprite, also joined the price-reduction wave, with drops of US$3.91 and US$3.24, respectively.

While Jumbo and Intermarket also made smaller price reductions of US$0.27 and US$0.02, respectively.

Meanwhile, six other operators opted to keep their milk prices unchanged. These include Angomart, Casa dos Frescos, Deskontão, Kero, Martal, and Kibabo.

However, Alimenta Angola increased the price by US$1.46, Candando by US$0.73, and Maxi by US$1.20, compared to their previous prices for the same 2,270 kg unit of Nido milk.

The price range for a 2,270 kg can of powdered milk (Nido) across the 10 supermarkets in Luanda varied from a minimum of US$12.71 at Africana Discount to a maximum of US$26.39 at Deskontão, reflecting the price disparity among retailers.

Overall, the prices of essential food products experienced a general reduction of 0.58 percent during the first two weeks of September. In commercial establishments, this reduction was even more pronounced, with a 1.19 percent decrease in prices of basic food products during the same period.

Notable reductions in the prices of basic food products included tomatoes, which saw a decrease of 10.14 percent, whole-fat powdered milk with a reduction of 2.78 percent, and bombó cornmeal with a decrease of 2.66 percent.

On the other hand, some products witnessed price increases, with iodized common salt rising by 4.87 percent, soybean cooking oil increasing by 3.27 percent, and beans experiencing a 2.91 percent price hike.

Informal markets, however, recorded a more modest variation of 0.14 percent in the prices of basic food products, with beans, tomatoes, and yellow cornmeal seeing the highest price increases at 13.07 percent, 7.02 percent, and 3.48 percent, respectively.

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