KENYA – Brookside Dairy Limited, in collaboration with its retail partner Quickmart Supermarket, has unveiled a transformative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative named “Kilimo Shuleni.”

The project aims to enhance the lives of underprivileged students in public schools by establishing school farms to ensure access to adequate food.

The official launch took place at Ildamat High School in Kajiado, with representatives from both companies in attendance.

The Kilimo Shuleni CSR initiative represents a powerful partnership between Brookside and Quickmart, highlighting their commitment to giving back to the community and promoting sustainable agriculture.

The project will not only provide essential nutrition to students but also serve as an educational platform for agricultural skills development.

During the launch event, Brookside’s communication manager, together with Quickmart’s counterpart, Betty Wamaitha, expressed their enthusiasm for the project’s potential to make a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable students.

They emphasized the importance of public-private collaborations in addressing pressing social issues such as food security and education.

New KCC set to empower women in dairy sector

In parallel news, the New Kenya Cooperative Creameries Cooperative (NKCC) has initiated a campaign to empower more women to enter the dairy sector.

Recognizing the pivotal role women play in the dairy industry, NKCC has partnered with various organizations to offer training and extension services to women interested in supplying milk to the cooperative.

NKCC’s Managing Director, Nixon Sigey, underscored the organization’s commitment to encouraging women’s active participation in dairy farming.

In an interview, Sigey detailed the efforts being made to support women in the sector. NKCC is conducting comprehensive training programs and distributing milk coolers across the country to enhance milk handling and storage capabilities.

“We are encouraging women to take advantage of the modernization program of our milk plants across the country to engage in dairy farming to boost their income,” Sigey stated.

He further emphasized the economic empowerment of women through dairy farming, which aligns with NKCC’s goal of promoting inclusivity and sustainability in the dairy industry.

The initiatives by both Brookside Dairy Limited and NKCC reflect a broader commitment within the Kenyan business community to address social and economic challenges through corporate social responsibility programs.

By launching Kilimo Shuleni and supporting women in dairy farming, these companies aim not only to contribute to local development but also to exemplify the potential for impactful partnerships between the private sector and local communities.

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