GERMANY – GEA, a global leader in process technology for the food industry, has embarked on a strategic partnership with Unilever, world’s largest consumer goods company, to combat greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) associated with dairy production.

In a move to achieve their goals, the two industry players will implement GEA’s innovative manure enricher solution, the ProManure E2950, an eco-friendly initiative set to make a substantial impact on dairy farming sustainability.

The partnership’s ultimate goal is to scale up the technology to substantially reduce GHG emissions throughout the entire milk production process, thereby enhancing Unilever’s sustainability across its extensive value chain.

To kickstart this ambitious project, GEA will install four ProManure E2950 units on Dutch farms that supply milk to Unilever.

Over the course of one-year, comprehensive data will be gathered and analyzed to assess the impact of these systems on Unilever’s carbon footprint.

The ProManure E2950 system will enable the production of environmentally friendly organic fertilizer directly on the farm, using nothing more than livestock slurry, air, and electricity.

Simultaneously, the technology will work by minimizing ammonia losses during storage and field application, reducing them by a staggering 95%.

This will ensure that nutrients, particularly nitrogen, are immediately available to plants in a targeted manner, promoting robust plant growth.

According to GEA using the ProManure E2950 solution will boost crop yields by up to 40% compared to untreated manure.

In addition, the process will reduce methane emissions from manure and storage, providing a significant environmental benefit hence reducing farm’s overall carbon footprint by an impressive 30%.

Eric Soubeiran, Managing Director of the Climate and Nature Fund at Unilever, highlighted the importance of technological innovation in decarbonizing the dairy industry noting that the partnership will exemplifies a circular farm management system.

Soubeiran emphasized that the innovative approach aligns with Unilever’s regenerative strategy, paving the way for more sustainable dairy products for consumers.

Peter Lauwers, CEO of GEA Farm Technologies, also noted the significance of empowering dairy farmers worldwide to future-proof their operations in the face of environmental challenges and regulatory complexities.

As a frontrunner in sustainable change, GEA promises to work closely with Unilever to promote circular farming and drive positive environmental impact.

The collaboration between GEA and Unilever represents the industry’s remarkable stride forward in the quest for sustainable dairy farming.

By harnessing cutting-edge technology, these industry giants aim not only to reduce GHG emissions but also to foster a brighter, greener future for the dairy industry.

This initiative will set a promising precedent for the intersection of technology, innovation, and environmental responsibility, demonstrating that a more sustainable world is within our grasp, according to the companies.

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