AUSTRALIA – Bubs Australia, a prominent player in the infant formula industry, has announced the appointment of Reg Weine as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), marking a significant move for the company as it aims to navigate challenges and drive growth.

Weine, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and agri-food sectors, took the reins immediately, succeeding interim CEO Richard Paine.

Weine’s familiarity with Bubs Australia has been identified to come from his prior role as a non-executive director and board member.

He stepped into the role at a crucial juncture for the company, having served as the architect of a strategic review that addressed the company’s recent challenges and setbacks.

He has held prominent positions such as Managing Director of Australian canned-food business SPC Ardmona, CEO of Bulla Dairy Foods, and Director of Sales and International at Blackmores, a renowned health supplements company.

The transition in leadership followed a period of interim leadership after the departure of founder and former CEO Kristy Carr.

Weine’s appointment was poised to stabilize and strengthen the company’s position, drawing on his over 25 years of experience in FMCG and agri-food, along with his extensive international market expertise.

Bubs Australia’s Chair, Katrina Rathie, expressed confidence in Weine’s ability to lead the company’s strategic direction, especially in key markets like Australia, the USA, and China.

Rathie highlighted Weine’s history of successfully driving growth in various companies and his measured approach to leadership.

Weine himself acknowledged the challenges that lie ahead but emphasized his commitment to the company’s potential.

He acknowledged that Bubs is a brand with significant potential and that he is fully aware of the short to medium-term challenges.

Having already overseen the strategic review, Weine intends to implement a five-point plan to address shareholder value decline and restore the company’s growth trajectory.

Ornua’s CEO John Jordan steps down after five years of impactful leadership

In a parallel industry development, Ornua, a US-based dairy co-operative, has undergone a leadership transition with CEO John Jordan set to step down from his position after five years of effective leadership.

The organization has appointed Donal Buggy, the current Chief Financial Officer, as interim CEO to guide the company through this period of transition.

Jordan, reflecting on his departure, expressed gratitude for his time at Ornua and the positive impact the organization has had on Irish dairy farming families.

Jordan’s departure marked the end of a significant era, during which he contributed significantly to Ornua’s growth and reputation.

Ornua’s Co-operative Chair, Aidan O’Driscoll, lauded Jordan’s leadership and announced the appointment of Buggy as interim CEO.

Buggy’s extensive experience as CFO and his familiarity with Ornua’s operations, positions him well to lead the company during this transition.

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