USA – Neogen Corporation, a maker of comprehensive solutions dedicated to food and animal safety has launched a new and progressive data management tool, Igenity Enhanced Dairy to enhance the improvement of genetic selection in the dairy cattle market.

The platform delivers a genomic evaluation of dairy cattle by integrating in-herd phenotypic data, pedigree information, and existing Predicted Transmitting Abilities (PTAs) from the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB), thereby empowering dairy producers to make better selection and mating decisions.

According to Victor Pedrosa, director of Genetic Prediction at Neogen, data plays a crucial role in decision-making, and the Igenity Enhanced Dairy platform allows producers to take an additional step forward.

The ability to apply on-farm phenotype data to a standard genetic assessment ultimately will enable better decision-making by leveraging the management and geography of individual animals.

“The traditional genetic evaluations provided by the CDCB have significantly enhanced the genetic progress of several economically valuable traits,” he said.

“Now, with Igenity Enhanced Dairy, we are enabling an extra gain in the dairy selection process.”

Igenity BeefXDairy

Earlier this year, the food and animal safety company launched Igenity BeefXDairy, a new and novel leading genomic test for beef-on-dairy calves.

The test provides producers insights into key traits such as carcass quality, average daily gain, and the Igenity Terminal Index, which can then be used to market the calf’s growth potential to buyers.

The test also allows buyers to receive breed composition data such as percentage beef vs. percentage dairy to help them best manage those cattle for optimal health and maximum growth.

Meanwhile, Milkrite| Interpuls, the world’s leading producer of milk production equipment, has integrated BASF technology into its product design to create new dairy meter sensors that are user-friendly, efficient and durable.

With BASF technology, the new milk meters can withstand the rough farm environment including kicks by cows and farm dung as well as the repeated cleaning of the milk meters.

The transparent Ultrason® grade also supports easy visual checking of the milk flowing through the metering device and in the long run, does not show any discoloration.

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