KENYA – Brookside Dairy Limited, Eastern Africa’s largest dairy processing company, is thrilled to celebrate a great win by receiving two awards accorded to its two products; Plant-based milk and the Fortified UHT milk, under the New Product of the Year category at the Africa Food Awards 2023 held in Nairobi Kenya.

The premier dairy processor unveiled the two products in less than one year which according to Brenda Denousse, the company’s General Manager in charge of innovation and new product development, was a great achievement for her entire team and the company.

The plant-based product category which was launched earlier this year under the company’s flagship brand Brookside, included the 100% soy milk and the 100% almond milk packaged in 1000ml laminated carton boxes.

According to Benjamin Nzile, the Manager of Innovations and New Product Development at Brookside Dairy, the new 100% plant-based milk is a unique product that was launched amid the rising global demand for plant-based milk.

The plant-based milk category came on the back of an innovation drive by Brookside which aimed at cementing the dairy’s position as the leading brand in Kenya’s dairy sector.

The products launch was preceded by the launch of another remarkable product in the industry, the first Fortified UHT Milk.

According to Brookside, the new UHT offering came packed with fibre and vitamins A & D, aimed to give consumers nutrients that may otherwise be lacking in their diets.

“Brookside Milk is naturally rich in calcium, vitamins and proteins that we need to strengthen bones, build muscles, nourish children, rejuvenate elders and give us a lifetime of well-being,” the company stated.

“We bring wholesome nutrition to you and your family while empowering our farmers and communities. We go above & beyond in providing 100% quality and goodness for all, from our farms straight to your family.”

According to the processor, the company has been at the forefront of delighting customers with high-quality nutritious dairy products over the years through investing in extensive research and development.

“We are firmly committed to being the market leader in East and Central Africa for milk and milk products, and to be the benchmark company in the industry and customer service.”

As East Africa’s largest milk processor with operations in more than 12 countries, Brookside Dairy prides itself in a heritage of high-quality milk products and has been perched at the top of the industry for a period spanning more than 25 years.

The company partners with more than 200,000 farmers delivering milk to it each day – the largest raw milk supplier footprint across key dairy sheds in East Africa.

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