KENYA – Brookside Dairy, Kenya’s largest dairy processing company, has partnered with hotel management umbrella, Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers (KAHC), as it seeks to expand the market of its dairy products in the hospitality industry.

According to Brookside’s General Manager for Sales Joseph Muguongo, the processor is seeking to expand its territorial lead in the hospitality industry, considered a great niche market for dairy products, with its new product innovations.

“We are leveraging this goodwill as an opportunity to further grow our market share with products that answer to the demands of our consumers who patronize hospitality facilities across the country,” he said.

“Five years ago, we unveiled our business partnership with the Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers, and since then, Brookside Dairy has witnessed immense benefits from the interaction with the lobby and its membership.”

Muguongo stated that the company has scaled innovation by venturing into new products that will continue to satisfy the various market segments by meeting the diverse needs of the consumers while giving priority to availing its diverse range of products at affordable prices.

“I call upon KAHC membership to continue taking advantage of the processor’s efficient national and regional distribution network.”

KAHC Chief Executive Mike Macharia commended the processor for supporting the association’s members over the years.

He said that members of the association were keen on high-quality products, which he said enhanced patronage of hotels and other catering outlets.

“We will continue to invest in quality products and hospitality packages to make the country a destination of choice,” Mr Macharia said.

Earlier this month, Brookside showed appreciation for the quality standards of the milk supplied to them by rewarding the contracted farmers with a cash bonus payout of over US$1.01 million.

“The reward cements our excellent working relationship with all our 160,000 raw milk suppliers across the country. The reward scheme has boosted the supply of high-quality milk, thus enabling us to tap into a larger share of high-value products,” Mr Emmanuel Kabaki Brookside general manager for milk procurement said.

According to the company, their milk products are naturally rich in calcium, vitamins, and proteins that are required to strengthen bones, build muscles, nourish children, rejuvenate elders, and give consumers a lifetime of well-being.

“We are committed to a mutually beneficial way of doing business – one that benefits our partners, the community we operate in, and the planet at large.”

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