UGANDA – Uganda’s leading dairy processor of Lato milk, Pearl Dairy, has launched a new initiative, Project Prosperity, to boost milk production and improve dairy farmers’ livelihood.

Speaking at the launching of the initiative, Mr Amit Sagar, the CEO of Pearl Daily Farms said it aims to increase the milk yield per cow for farmers to earn more and improve their families’ prosperity.

“We want to work with farmers to reduce the cost of production but also double our capacity in the next year to cater to this growing demand,” Mr. Sagar said.

He added that management has been working closely with the farmers for years and is well-informed about the lack of resources and high-interest rates from financial institutions that hinder growth.

Sagar also noted that improved yields would bring prosperity to farming families, create more interest in farming for future generations and triple their income, adding that with the growing African population, the demand for dairy products is increasing, hence a need to increase the production capacity.

“That’s why we are also now building a new factory to increase the capacity. So, we’ll now double our capacity in the next year so that we can cater to this growing demand,” he said.

According to Sagar, Africa has learned a lot from the ongoing Ukraine- Russia war and it should not depend on one region to address the food insecurity issue.

It should also address the annual income for the farmer that has to at least triple in the next two years to 10 years.

On the other hand, Mr Akash Kumar Co-founder- of Pearl Daily Farms stressed the ultimate goal of the project is to make farmers prosper and increase their household incomes.

He noted that one key to the company’s success has been its direct engagement with farmers who will be trained in techniques to improve the quality of their dairy products.

“We are working on a technology-based application that will tell us which farmer needs what kind of investment. So currently, we have a team of about 50 daily extension offices which goes from farmer to farmer and this will help us to see how to help them,” Akash said.

Previously, Pearl Dairy sought support from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to enable it to expand into the Kenyan market as well as to boost its powdered milk production.

According to Kenya’s Trade and Investment Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria, Pearl Dairy invested in Kenyan milk factories to enhance its ability to compete with several established dairy companies such as Brookside and state-owned New Kenya Cooperative Creameries.

In addition, IFC expected Pearl Diary’s expansion project to increase dairy productivity and smallholder farmers’ access to the raw milk market in Uganda and Kenya.


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