US – DSM Venturing, the corporate venture arm of Royal DSM and the largest dairy farmer-owned cooperative, California Dairies have taken part in the seed funding round for the world’s first cloud-based carbon marketplace for the livestock industry, Athian.

The investment is aimed to establish solutions for livestock farmers at securing acceptance of its innovative transactional carbon credit inset programme.

“We are excited by [California Dairies] and DSM Venturing’s enthusiasm for our innovative carbon marketplace platform. The groundswell of support has been tremendous,” Paul Myer, CEO of Athian said.

He added that the announcement would accelerate practical environmental solutions that give farmers new revenue streams and help companies deliver on their sustainability commitments throughout the value chain.

Emphasizing global climate change, CEO Paul noted that the joint investment will help Athian meet its goal of connecting the whole value chain.

He also noted the unique opportunity generated by the joining force with California dairies and DSM to support sustainability practice changes through carbon incentives.

According to Athian’s industry report, the carbon credit insetting platform will enable livestock farmers who implement sustainable practices to earn revenue to fund those incentives.

“The platform provides support to the beef and dairy value chains to capture and claim carbon credits earned through sustainability efforts,” it highlighted.

It also added that the innovation would provide livestock producers with economic incentives to adopt sustainable practices on their farms, as well as helps to improve the sustainability of the global food system and reduce global warming as a result. 

According to California Dairies, the collaboration with Athian has been the leading investment in sustainable dairy farming as technology and on-farming economics accelerates.

“This is an opportunity to showcase that hard work while doubling down to drive innovation and further improve our environmental footprint, ensuring that our farms produce some of the most sustainable milk in the world, across all the various pillars of sustainability.”

At the beginning of the year, Athian collaborated with Newtrient LLC to offer solutions that will help dairy producers capitalize on sustainability practices and move the industry forward toward its goal to become greenhouse gas (GHG) neutral by 2050.

The collaboration was seen as a positive step toward making carbon markets more accessible to dairy farmers across the country.

Last year, Athian applauded Bovaer, a feed additive for cows and other ruminants, as a tangible sustainable solution to support the monetization of livestock sustainability efforts by reducing methane emissions by 30% for dairy cows and even higher percentages for beef cattle

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