USA – Good Culture, an American cultured dairy products company has joined forces with Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a national milk marketing cooperative in the US, to produce a new lactose-free milk enriched with probiotics.

Good Culture, a maker of better-for-you cottage cheese and sour cream, has received a total of US$81.8 million in funding, US$64 million of which was raised in its latest series C funding round last year.

The company communicated that the money is intended to finance the launch of new products in the cultured food space.

From this partnership, Good Culture seeks to leverage DFA’s familiarity and longevity in the milk space to come up with this product as well as expand its reach to a new consumer base.

“We’re thrilled to be the brand behind this disruptive and new take on milk with functional benefits, and are honoured to have been able to bring it to life with Dairy Farmers of America,” said Jesse Merrill, chief executive officer and co-founder of Good Culture.

The product will be launched in whole milk and 2% reduced fat options. Each will contain the patented BC30 probiotic that will support digestive and immune health.

“Human health and wellness start in the gut, and our Good Culture Probiotic Milk increases accessibility to probiotics that support well-being. It’s a perfect fit for the Good Culture brand and our mission.” Finished Mr Merrill.

The products will first be made available at retailers along the East Coast, but according to DFA plans for national distribution are underway.

“With the continued growth and consumer interest in probiotics and gut health, we’re really excited to bring this great-tasting milk with probiotics to store shelves in partnership with the Good Culture brand, which is so well known for producing on-trend, cultured dairy products,” Rachel Kyllo, senior vice president of marketing for DFA, said in a statement.

DFA, a leader in the American dairy scene, has a variety of milk brands in its products portfolio, including Dean’s, Lehigh Valley Dairy, Dairy Maid Dairy and Kemps.

“We think Good Culture Probiotic Milk will help meet consumer desires for more functional nutrition benefits and drive excitement in the dairy case.” She finished.

Other players in the global dairy sector have joined in on the gut-health dairy trend with Danone’s dairy brand Horizon Organic having a milk and yoghurt line called Growing Years that contains prebiotics.

J&J partners with Holobiome to develop next-generation probiotics and prebiotics

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies Inc. a company that engages in the research and development of products for infant health, has partnered with Holobiome, a microbiome biotech company.

The alliance will see to the development of probiotics and prebiotics aimed at supporting maternal and infant immune health.

This collaboration in research will leverage Holobiome’s Microbial Vault, a growing strain collection that seems to be a comprehensive library of human bacteria to identify, isolate and develop next-generation probiotics and prebiotics.

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