USA – US dairy goat companies Jackson-Mitchell and Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery Inc., have agreed to merge into a new entity known as Darey Brands in an effort to strengthen milk supply and boost efficiencies.

 Founded in 1934 in California, Jackson-Mitchell, Inc., produces the Meyenberg brand of milk, butter and cheddar cheese.

Also based in California, Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery makes its branded goat milk yogurts and kefirs, as well as Green Valley Creamery lactose-free cow milk dairy products and premium, plant-based dairy alternatives.

The two companies are owned by Switzerland-based dairy group Emmi which will also own the newly created Darey Brand.

Expectations from the merger are that the category leaders will help accelerate growth across multiple categories, between its goat, cow and alternative products.

A joint executive team under the direction of MD and CEO Bonnie Neulight will lead the newly-formed company.

The merger comes at a time when the dairy goat market estimated at US$11.94 billion in 2021 is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% from 2022 to 2030, according to Grandview Research.

The growth of the market is driven by the growing lactose intolerant population and increasing health and wellness trends globally.

Goat milk is thicker, creamier, easy to digest, and possesses a lesser risk of allergies as it has a slightly lower lactose content.

Moreover, it is a rich source of proteins, calories, and fats. It is also loaded with potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, and phosphorus.

“The retail dairy category is very competitive and as a united company, we will create efficiencies and strength to serve our customers and consumers with innovative, better-for-you dairy solutions,” Neulight said.

The transition to Darey Brands is expected to complete in early 2023 with little impact expected on customers. “The most significant change will be the company name,” Neulight elaborated.

Existing production facilities in Sebastopol and Turlock, California, will remain operational, and so will the product portfolio, which includes Redwood Hill Farm and Green Valley Creamery products as well as Meyenberg.

The new company will also leverage the influence of its multinational owner Emmi, which is behind dairy brands Le petit chevrier and Benecol among others.

“We have a tremendous global network at Emmi Group with leading dairy companies in 15 countries that make products in every dairy category there is. We intend to tap into this vast experience and expertise,” Neulight said.

Discussing Darey Brands’ ambitions, Neulight said the company will aim to maintain its sustainable initiatives and traditions in animal welfare.

 “Redwood Hill’s founder, Jennifer Bice, led the way in 2005 when her farm became the very first goat dairy in the US to be Certified Humane. Today, all fresh goat milk and organic cow milk we source across all entities comes from Certified Humane family farms.”

Neulight further assured that the facilities will also continue operating in an environmentally friendly way post-merger.

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