US – Nestlé owned Blue Bottle Coffee, also known for meticulously brewed, smooth espresso — and the crowds that line up to buy it- has launched its latest innovation – Craft Instant Coffee, Espresso that allows consumers to make premium drinks at home.

Craft Instant Espresso, the brand’s first soluble coffee product in the U.S. after three years of development, is made by adding pre-ground espresso beans to milk.

In developing Craft Instant Espresso, Blue Bottle set out to provide guests with a simple and convenient way to craft quality iced lattes – one of the brand’s most popular cafe drinks – at home with just (alt) milk and a spoon.

The result is an instant-based iced latte that Blue Bottle quality assurance experts consistently rate at or above traditional iced espresso lattes in a blind taste test.

The latest instant coffee for making espressos fills a void by allowing the brand to play in a more portable space increasingly popular with on-the-go consumers valuing convenience.

Rather than venturing out to a shop or turning on their coffee maker, customers add milk and have an instant espresso anywhere, including at home.

The company said Blue Bottle’s Craft Instant Espresso makes enjoying delicious cafe-quality espresso drinks anywhere effortless, as it removes the need for machines and brewing expertise.

Benjamin Brewer, Senior Director, Global Innovation and Quality said: “Throughout my many years with Blue Bottle, we’ve been on a quest to craft the best cup and we poured our hearts into developing our process for instant coffee. Our instant espresso makes an iced latte we’d be proud to serve in our cafes.”

“Our goal is to always treat coffee as gently as possible to avoid over-extraction to maintain a pure coffee flavor and aroma. Owning the process from start to finish enables us to craft the perfect cup and ensure that quality is upheld every step of the way, just as we do with our whole-bean coffee. Our process transforms exceptional craft coffee into aromatic crystals with the dimension and richness of espresso.”

Blue Bottle focused on the extraction process by using milder temperatures and pressure and treating the coffee more delicately and as purely as possible to make its instant espresso. In return, the quality of the output improved exponentially.

Blue Bottle also lengthened the freeze-drying process, which results in a higher-quality product and improved output.

Craft Instant Espresso also enables Nestlé to expand its offerings of instant coffee among a wider range of consumers.

A few weeks ago, Nestlé also purchased Seattle’s Best Coffee brand from Starbucks for an undisclosed amount, further expanding its mainstream offerings in both at-home and away-from-home coffee and related categories around the world.

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