UK – Nestlé-Froneri, an ice cream joint venture between Nestlé and PAI Partners, has selected Resugar Synergy, the flagship product from food tech company Resugar, as the unique ingredient behind their new low-calorie ice cream bars.

By using Resugar Synergy in place of regular sugar, Nestlé-Froneri said it successfully produced the new ice cream series with a dramatic reduction in sugar content of 70%.

Founded in 2020, Resugar is the first food tech company to successfully create a 1:1 sugar replacement for large-scale industrial use.

Resugar’s all-natural, plant-based, non-GMO compound contains the same sweetness and characteristics of sucrose while reducing sugar content by 70% and caloric content by 50%, all without the use of any sweeteners.

While there are other sugar substitutes on the market, none have been able to replicate sugar’s moisture, color, volume, freezing point, and most importantly, taste.

These other sugar substitutes, according to Nestlé-Froneri, are also linked to health concerns of their own, including cancer and digestive issues.

Resugar Synergy is the first sugar substitute to perform exactly the way sugar does but with a low glycemic index and without any sweeteners, Resugar noted.

Ariel Elhadef, Chief Technologist at Nestlé-Froneri said: “Many consumers today are looking for products that will provide them with an experience without compromise in taste and texture, yet with a low caloric value.

“The addition of Resugar to the 99-calorie series allowed us to launch a very tasty product with a sugar content of less than 10%. This is a winning combination of fewer than 100 calories per unit and excellent taste.”

The nestlé-Froneri announcement comes as a growing number of countries are implementing new regulations like warning labels and taxes around products with high sugar content.

These regulations reflect a growing consensus in the medical community around the link between sugar consumption and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.

These regulations are leaving many manufacturers of sugary products with a tradeoff: suffer demand losses from price increases and cautionary labeling, or reformulate their products with sweeteners, typically resulting in inferior products.

This has become an opportunity for Resugar, which says its product replaces sugar on a 1:1 ratio, maintaining the sweetness profile and the texture without the need for any recipe changes.

Niv Ben-Ami, Resugar co-founder said: “Our game-changing solution means manufacturers can keep delicious products on the market without any reformulation, and consumers can keep enjoying their favorite products without negative health effects.”

Resugar has entered a massive acceleration phase and is currently scaling global operations with manufacturing capabilities covering North America, South America, and Europe.

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