US- Nearly three-quarters of Americans still reach for classic dairy milk over other alternatives, according to a new survey by American dairy beverage brand wholly owned by Coca-Cola Company, Fairlife.

Nostalgia is one of the major drivers of consumption with 72% saying they have positive memories, emotions, or nostalgia of drinking / consuming milk as a child.

Men accounting for 78% were more likely to rate memories positively compared to women who were at 68%, according to the survey

It is not just the nostalgia of childhood milk mustaches that have people craving traditional dairy milk but also its ability to perfectly pair with other foods.

 40% of people say it pairs best with (some unexpected) summertime favorites, according to the survey.

In addition, 60% of Americans turn to milk as a “great refreshing drink” with one in 7 people willing to try dunking at least one of these three BBQ favorites in milk: bacon, BBQ ribs, or hot dogs, the report concluded.

Fairlife notes that 77% of respondents prefer classic dairy milk over non-dairy alternatives such as barley milk, oat milk, and others.

60% of people think milk is refreshing for hot days when the company surveyed if milk is the Summertime’s Coolest Drink.

Fairlife says men (67%) are more likely to use milk as their summertime beverage than women (54%) who also agreed.

Meanwhile, the respondents according to geographic locations are as follows, Westerners (67%) and Northerners (66%) were more likely to cool down with a glass of milk than Midwesterners (58%) or Southerners (57%).

Furthermore, 40% of those surveyed enjoy milk at a summer BBQ – Nearly half (49%) of Westerners enjoy it over 33% of Southerners.

Accordingly, the survey highlights that men were too more likely than women to consider dunking BBQ foods in milk.

Other dunkable foods paired with milk are on the sweeter side including donuts (51%), brownies (49%), and apple pie (26%).

Some Americans also have other unexpected milk pairing preferences that are perfect for summertime occasions: 20% spicy snacks and18% burgers.

Midwesterners showed the most likelihood of trying a milk and burger combo (23%) compared to other regions while also being two times as likely to try this pairing than the rest of the U.S., on average.

Surprisingly, the survey notes that nearly half of adults fancy using milk in their favorite cocktails (43%).

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