US – Perfect day has entered into a partnership with Strive Nutrition Corp. that will see the group launch a line of milk alternatives enriched with animal-free whey protein in the US.

The lead product will be Strive FREEMILK Whole, an animal-free milk alternative that whips, foams, blends, cooks, and tastes like the real thing, according to Strive Nutrition.

The company added that the product promises the real taste and nutrition of cow’s milk, without what is termed the ‘health and environmental downsides’ of conventional dairy.

Strive FREEMILK Whole will offer 25% more protein, 75% less sugar, and less saturated fat than regular whole cow’s milk, Strive Nutrition said.

Strive Nutrition will also offer Strive Oat+Protein and Strive Almond+Protein, both enriched with 10 grams of Perfect Day animal-free whey protein per serving.

The company stressed that the brands will supply more than three times the level of protein found in the leading oat milk brand and 10 times more than the leading almond milk, in the market.

Other products in the line will include FREEMILK Chocolate, which has less sugar and more protein than regular chocolate dairy milk.

“Unlike oat and almond proteins, Perfect Day animal-free whey protein is a “complete” protein with all nine essential amino acids, and a big reason for Strive’s delicious, milk flavor,” the company stated.

Meanwhile, in an effort to leverage Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein, StriveNutrition has created an alt dairy beverage that is free of lactose, hormones, antibiotics, and cholesterol.

Perfect Day whey protein is made using proven precision fermentation techniques similar to how many common food components like vitamins, probiotics, enzymes, and natural flavors are made.

Perfect Day’s production process is not only free of any animal inputs, but it also reduces water use by up to 99%, emits up to 97% less greenhouse gas emissions, and uses up to 60% less non-renewable energy compared to conventional production methods.

Strive Nutrition was quick to tout the benefits this partnership has not only compared to conventional dairy but also to plant-based alternatives.

This is because Perfect Day utilizes microflora to create proprietary animal-free milk protein while it uses only natural ingredients without the need for preservatives to produce its products.

Strive also has plans to introduce protein shakes and sports hydration protein beverages that the company said would be a game-changer when they come to market later in the year.

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